milk and honey

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Few books capture the internal struggles of women as purely and as intimately as milk and honey by rupi kaur. milk and honey is a collection of poetry about the sweetness of survival. Broken into four chapters, we follow our nameless speaker through different stages of survival and pain: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. As we journey through the book and the narrator's life, we encounter illustrations that add to the intimacy of the piece. I felt as if I was looking into someone's personal diary. Likewise, interspersed throughout the book are poems of specificity and poems of generality. The combination adds to the intimacy in that it follows a type of stream of consciousness not often discussed in literary fields: the tangential thought. For the most part, I admire this technique and the resulting affect it had on me.  

This technique, however, does lead to strange moments in the text. Where one poem may be so perfect on its own that you can see it as a stand alone poem,
the goddess between your legs
makes mouths water

another poem may seem trite and cliche:
if you are not enough for yourself
you will never be enough
for someone else.

Yet, despite the first impressions of these more general poems, taken together with the stronger ones (particularly in the beginning chapters), I was left feeling peaceful and satisfied. I would compare reading this collection to a guided meditation on what survival looks like to some women and what can be learned from the strengths and weaknesses of others. 

I highly recommend this book, along with rupi kaur's newest poetic collection, The Sun and Her Flowers, for all poetry lovers.


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