Don't Push the Button!

Don't Push the Button! - Bill Cotter || $16.99 - Buy Now

"This children's book is written and illustrated by Bill Cotter and there is only one rule in the book: don't push the button. But beware, a monster named Larry will tempt you to push it!

Pressing the bottom makes everything chaotic! Larry becomes yellow and then his body gets covered by polka dots. Press it even more and many of his clones appear, filling up the pages. In order to bring everything back to normal, you will have to press the button again, or shake the book, or scratch his body.

I recommend this book since this stimulates children's curiosity and makes them want to read again and again."


About Miyuki Ishii
Miyuki Ishii has been working at our New York store for 10 years as a Deputy Manager. She loves to see children smile, and she believes that reading this book to children is the best tool to make that happen!