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"In a world infested with powerful monsters and supervillains, heroes stand up against them to protect and save humanity. But one hero stands head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of power. Saitama (the protagonist of the story) easily defeats the monsters and villains he faces with one punch. Being too powerful and too strong, Saitama has become bored and has been seeking stronger opponents that could possibly challenge him. Nothing really fazes him; however, on certain occasions, he too struggles with mundane tasks, such as killing a single mosquito or remembering a supermarket sale. 
Originally written by ONE as a web-comic, Yusuke Murata (author of Eyeshield21) quickly took interest in illustrating One Punch Man for him. The remade manga, authored by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, has since been publishing on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics. Currently there are fifteen volumes out in Japanese. An action packed and full of comedy, this manga makes you want to read the next volume as soon as you finish reading one."


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I have been working as a part-timer at the Santa Monica Store since March of 2017.  I love to watch basketball, read manga, and watch anime. Born in Japan to two Japanese parents, but raised in California my whole life, I learned Japanese through my parents and Saturday Japanese school. However, being a child and focused on having fun, I did not pay attention much in Saturday school. Later as a teenager I took interest in Japanese manga and Japanese TV shows, and honestly I believe that helped a lot in improving my Japanese. So I recommend reading manga if you are trying to learn or improve Japanese.