So Pretty / Very Rotten


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“So Pretty, Very Rotten” by Jane Mai and An Nyugen is a fascinating collection of essays and comics that discuss about the fashion subculture of Lolita and how it is received in North America and in its homeland of Japan.

As someone who participates part time in the Texas J-fashion community, this book offers a unique glimpse into this specific group. Very often, the Lolita style is misunderstood and comes across as strange with all the frills and petticoats, but behind those layers we do find a group of people who are just trying to find a means to express themselves and to me that is the very core of why we dress like this. Mai and Nyugen have clearly been in the Lolita community for a long time and they bring a perspective that informs and entertains through this frilly anthology of imagery and words that is as captivating as the fashion itself.

I hope that by reading this book, you gain a fresher perspective on the J-fashion community and if you already participate in it…then that is awesome too!



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