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Hanamizuki is a deciduous tall tree. The meaning of the Hanamizuki flower is “If you would give me your heart forever, I will give you my love forever”. “Hanamizuki” is a romance novel about fate playing with two people. This novel is based on the movie that the famous Japanese actress Yui Aragaki stars.

The story involves Sae who is a smart student with a dream, and Kohei who is a below average student. Sae and Kohei are following separate paths in life until one day destiny binds them together.  After a brief long distance relationship, they go their separate ways. However they always think about each other and wonder what could have been.  

After 10 years, the hometown Hanamizuki is blooming as usual. For the two who have been apart for so long, is now finally the time for a miracle? Why don’t you read this book and find out!
Through this book, I hope you and your lover’s relationship will continue for one hundred years.



About Raymond

I have been working at Kinokuniya’s New York logistics center for one year. My hobbies are reading books and watching dramas. My favorite words are “Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (一期一会)” which means “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.” 

I am a big fan of Yui Aragaki. She has a big smile like an angel. I will support her forever. Let’s support her together!