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Vignettes into the daily lives of the residents of the Star-Kids Orphanage. A moving narrative of per-adolescence. This manga, created by Eisner-Award winning author of TEKKONKINKREET, Taiyo Matsumoto, revolves around the lives of several children who inhabit the Star-Kids Orphanage Home. Each chapter presents a vignette into the lives of the residents and captures the perspective of pre-adolescence with unrivaled authenticity. This six volume series, which completed publication in English at the end of 2016, is lavishly presented by the VIZ Signature line and directly translated by Michael Arias (Director of the animated film of TEKKONKINKREET produced by Studio 5⁰ Celsius). The result is a publication that is incredibly intimate, emotional, and undeniably human. A beautiful addition to any personal library.

 - Recommended by Michael (MJ) Steele: I have been working at Kinokuniya Seattle since September 2018. I was born in the Philippines, raised in Colorado, and educated in New York City. In 2015, I received my BA in Comics & Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. While I lived in NYC, I worked at Strand Books. Now I live in Seattle with my girl-friend, 7 cats, and 3 dogs. When I am not working at Kinokuniya, I spend my time studying Martial Arts, creating comics and illustrations, and playing guitar.