North and South


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If you enjoy the classics of Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, you would definitely enjoy Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South! Elizabeth Gaskell is often overlooked amongst other famous Victorian authors, but personally, I prefer her stories over Jane Austen. I love North & South to bits! There are so many things I can say about this book and all the parts I love, but that would be too much.

What I love about this book is that it explores the hardships that came with the Industrial Revolution and the challenges one must face when they’re uprooted from one society and thrown into the chaos of another. And I especially love the romance! As you read the thoughts and emotions of the main characters of how they view and feel for the other, you get pulled into the sweet love that grows between them.

I highly recommend North and South for any fan of classic Victorian romance novels. I also recommend the mini-series adaptation that’s available on demand, too!

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