The Reason I Jump


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My own personal experiences with autistic children and adults are minimal; I have a sister that's a Special Education Teacher and an older cousin who was diagnosed with autism. This book showed me what can go on through the minds of those that are on the spectrum. The author, Naoki Higashida, mentions several times to keep in mind that each autistic person is different and to be patient with them. His compassion to write and his yearning to need to spread awareness is admirable and brilliant. While you can take a grain of salt from this book, it's such a fascinating read and everything is written with a purpose.


 - Recommended by Yasmin Estrella: I have been working with the New Jersey branch since late 2014. I’m in charge of the English Book department and assisting in ordering for them. If I’m not at the store, I might be selling my wares at an Artist Alley in a convention.