Kamen Rider Amazons Gaiden Hotarubi 3


Kamen Rider Amazons Gaiden Hotarubi 3 || $10.99 - Buy Now

What do you think if there is an organism that eats human beings? What if it is hidden and live in human society? This comic book is a remarkable series of Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) that is more violent, horrific, and dramatic than any other ones.

The artificial organisms that were created and name by unique cells, “AMAZON,” have escaped and secretly living in the human world by mimic the form. They want to live quietly but their cells hunger for human flesh and turn back to monstrous form. To protect the world, humans hunt them down by using mercenary force and their controllable AMAZON. Not only that, a special AMAZON (Kamen Rider) appeared to hunts its own kinds to protect humans, and another one to protect both human and AMAZONs. This is a story of a mutated AMAZON who evolve unalike the other ones.

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