My Brother's Husband 1


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This all-ages two part manga gives the non-Japanese reader a fascinating look into life as a gay person in Japan. The story follows a single father, Yaichi, and his daughter Kana who are visited by the husband of his twin brother who recently passed away. Throughout the course of the story we follow Yaichi’s growth as his eyes are gradually opened, largely thanks to his daughter, to the prejudices he didn’t realize he had and those that exist in the community around him. Kana’s unabashed enthusiasm and love for her new uncle really drives his growth and the story as a whole. Though the story is quite heartbreaking at times, overall it leaves the reader with a sense of hope that the current younger generation of Japan will help bring more openness and acceptance towards LGBTQ members of their society. It is a worthwhile read for anybody, but particularly for anyone interested in Japan, LGBTQ culture, and/or cultural differences in general. A staple for any manga lover’s collection.


 - Recommended by Sarah. Sarah has worked at the Kinokuniya Chicago store since January of 2019. She is a book nerd, so working in a bookstore only encourages her book buying habbit…