Strange Weather in Tokyo


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I call it a pure love story……, but the circumstance involves two individuals who are 30 years apart. Lonely Tsukiko (meaning moon child in Japanese) one day encounters her old high school teacher at her favorite Japanese pub. They soon find each other inseparable.

No big events occur, but with the passage of time and with the change of the weather, they spend joyful moments together going to an aquarium, Disneyland, traveling to an island, hunting mushrooms and so on. They wished their relationship would last forever, but because of the age difference, heartbreaking separation will follow…

This novel is very easy to read and cinematic! You can also catch a glimpse of Japanese lifestyles and a lot of “oishii” Japanese foods.

The first time I put the new copies on the shelf, I didn’t realize that it was the same book as I had read in Japanese long time ago. Back then, the title of the book was "Sensei no Kaban (it was known as The Briefcase in English)." When I read the novel again in English from the perspective of the new title, their complex feeling became clearer to symbolize the title.

 - Recommended by Maki Takagi. I’ve been working at San Jose store since 2008. I am in charge of books in English. To unwind, I love to read books at café stores and enjoy exploring new restaurants throughout the Bay Area.