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About Kinokuniya Membership

Annual Fee: $25 + tax

Apply for a Kinokuniya Membership Card now and enjoy the wonderful benefits of being a Kinokuniya member!

Kinokuniya Membership Benefits:

  • 10% discount on most items in-stores and online

  • Collect member points to earn a $10 Kinokuniya Gift Card with every $300 spent

  • Receive member exclusive deals and campaigns

How to Apply/Renew

Two Ways to Apply/Renew:
1. In-store
Fill out an application form at any of our U.S. stores. Renewal can also be done in-store.

2. Online
You can complete the online application here.
We will send your membership card via USPS after your application and payment is complete. Members who are renewing should continue using their current card.
Please note that you will need to login to your online account or create an account to apply online.

Terms and Conditions

  • When you present your Kinokuniya Membership Card (KMA), you will receive a 10% discount on most store items and will be eligible for other membership benefits provided by Kinokuniya Book Stores of America.

  • Exceptions: tickets, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, discounted items, etc.

  • KMA may not be used in combination with other promotions.

  • Annual fee is $25 which is non-refundable and may be applied sales tax.

  • KMA discount will be applied to in-store purchases and online purchases.

  • KMA is valid only for use in Kinokuniya Book Stores in the U.S., or for qualifying purchases made through

  • KMA may only be used for purchases made by the individual shown on the registration.

  • KMA is intended for personal use and is strictly non-transferable.

  • Misuse of a KMA may result in immediate confiscation.

  • KMA is not redeemable for cash. Lost of stolen cards may be replaced for a $5 fee.

  • Applications forpersons of age 17 and under must be authorized by his/her parent or legal guardian.

  • Anyone opting in on their application to receive information will receive our e-newsletter, marketing materials, and/or other communications from us. Anyone choosing to opt out may contact us at anytime to receive information.

  • These privileges, terms and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without notice by Kinokuniya Book Stores of America.