Kino Art SF

Started in January of 2016, Kinokuniya San Francisco opened a new exhibition space for the Bay Area local artists. "Kino Art SF" showcased a new Bay Area artist each month, exhibiting their creativity and passion for art. Any artists residing in the San Francisco Bay Area were welcomed to submit for a potential showing. Each artist had approximately three weeks to exhibit their work at the store's exhibition space located next to the second floor staircase.

"We are excited to offer space at our [San Francisco] store to local artists. Our goal is simple: to offer an intimate space for local artists to exhibit their creativity. We encourage all local artists in any medium to submit for this space. We look forward to meeting and showcasing talented artists in the Bay Area." - Masahiro Kumashima, Regional Manager, Northern California (January, 2016)

We had a total of 12 artists showcase their work and we thank each one of them for taking part in Kino Art SF. Although we are currently utilizing the space for our next project, we hope to bring Kino Art SF back in some shape or form. Please see below our wonderful 12 artists who exhibited their work for Kino Art SF.

#1 Thuy Le
Visual Designer, Sculptor, and Fine Art Painter
Thuy Le is a visual designer, sculptor, and fine art painter. Le's exhibition consisted of abstract oil paintings, which represent meditation, yoga, reiki, and the harmony of ying yang.

#2 Heidi Black
Illustrator and Comic Artist
Heidi Black is an illustrator and comic artist. She works as a full-time resident artist for the online stationery company as well as freelancing as both a comic artist and illustrator. Her diverse body of work often focuses around the beauty and bravery of lady knights and other empowered women.

#3 Yu Ji
Graphic Designer
Yu Ji is an Anime and art lover from Beijing, China. He currently works as a graphic designer while studying Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art.

#4: Patrick O'Malley
Patrick O'Malley is a self-taught photographer specializing in night and street photography.
Follow him on Instagram at @pattriicckk.

#5 Temarius Walker
Concept Artist and Illustrator
Temarius Walker is a recent graduate from the Academy of Art University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Development. While in school, Temarius has produced numerous conceptual sketches for unreleased science fiction films, and also corporate logos. He is currently a freelance concept artist and illustrator.

#6 Michael La Rocco
Photographer and Filmmaker

Michael La Rocco is a multi-media artist, photographer and filmmaker. His work as a photographer and installation artist examines the intersection between photo-realism and pop art. Borrowing from photo-realism and the language of advertising, La Rocco’s work emphasizes the ironic crossroads between subject and technique.

ABOUT "Tokyo: Fact or Fiction" - "By deploying a pop art technique to my photographs I wanted to blur the line where fact and fiction meet. By freeing the image from its origin, I’m able to amplify its dramatic impact, in turn asking the viewer to explore further the layers and details behind the image. At the same time, this series is a documentary, cataloging a people whom are at once isolated, audacious, confidant, and yearning. The coloring scheme deployed introduces new thematic threads while allowing the subjects a more conventional route out of that framing. Thus Tokyo fabricates its own narrative, with the viewer as a collaborator, refracting the fixed vision of photorealism through the lens of the mind."

See more of LaRocco's work at

#7 Aiko Kobayashi
Textile Artist
Aiko Kobayashi is a textile artist, making tapestries, shawls, and knit sweaters with materials like natural fiber, cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Using her simple wooden loom, she weaves emotion and reflections from a certain time and place: desert winds from Andalucía, riotous colors from Guatemala and playful images of children and animals closer to home.

To view more of her work, visit her website at

#8 LES
Artist and Graphic Designer
LES is a street artist and graphic designer. You can find her art in different places like France, Spain, Columbia, and Brazil. She spends most of her time sketching and doing stop motion projects for brands like Shimmer Skate Co. in Argentina. And she is also the co-founder of Em Type Market, a startup inspired by typography in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She supports all kinds of women talent and she has participated in different women events.

To follow her work, find her on Instagram @leslongui or visit her website at

#9 Naomi Hayashi
Oil Painter
Naomi Hayashi is an oil painter who taught herself how to paint at the age of 9. After moving to the United States, she became a disciple of renowned painter, Gary Bergren in 2006. By combining her self-taught painting skills and Western Painting skills by Bergren, she has brought her techniques and style to a new level.

Her main subjects include landscapes and portraits from Japan and the United States. Naomi wishes her work bring a sense of nostalgia.

#10 Naksit
2D Animator
Naksit is an 2D animation student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A lot of his work is inspired by Studio Ghibli films. He hopes he can follow his passion and create artwork that can inspire other too.

#11 Irwin Lewis
Irwin Lewis is a photographer who focuses on people, culture, and art. His exhibition at our San Francisco store consists of photos taken in Fukushima and Tokyo, Japan. See more of Irwin's work at

All prints are on genuine silver gelatin fine art darkroom paper.

#12 Roy Okano
Watercolor Artist
Roy Okano is a watercolor artist and his paintings have been the work of many different era! He was born in Hiroshima city, Japan, and moved to the U.S. to study watercolor. During the Vietnam conflict, he was stationed in Germany as a U.S. solider, which made him able to travel to many countries across Europe. Upon return to the U.S., he landed an art director’s position at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc in San Francisco.