Staff Picks

Recommended by Chikako Fredericks (Portland Store)

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers
by Richard Benson
ISBN: 9780811878319
$9.95 (Kinokuniya Member: $8.95)
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"Many of us went through vigorous studying in school. With each page in this book, you can image the students scratching their heads trying to get the right answer. But when faced with a question they have no hope of getting it right, it's best to have a little fun instead. You will laugh so hard at some of the answers, and also make you wonder what the real answer is." - Chikako Fredericks

Chikako Fredericks is our Assistant Manager at our Portland store and has been part of our Portland team since 2006.  If you cannot find her at our Portland store, she is probably busy at home working on a puzzle.

Recommended by Koko Ishihara (Seattle Store)

by 近藤麻理恵 (Marie Kondo)
ISBN: 9784763131201
$21.99 (Kinokuniya Members: $19.79)
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"コンマリさんの物の立場になって考え、物を労ってあげ、物を大切にする心、そしてそのときめく物たちと良い関係を保つ事が人生をも変えることとなる。 所有品はあなた自身の選択の歴史。
Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method is now a worldwide phenomenon. I think so many of us have already read at least one of her books. As a person who is so far away from “sparking joy” in life, I decided to re-read the book before I spiral out of control on my tidiness. Rewarding your objects, thanking them, respecting them, and keeping a healthy relationship with the ones you spark joy with will not only declutter your home, but also change your life. Your personal belonging is the history of your life choices. Letting go of the things that doesn’t spark joy with can be hard but a necessity to decluttering your life. I hope to follow the KonMari method and spark joy myself. My life will be changing soon…maybe…" - Koko Ishihara

Koko Ishihara has been part of the Kinokuniya team since 1997. She is now the Deputy Store Manager for our Seattle store, specializing in Japanese books and magazines in crafts and travel. Koko started remodeling her bathroom this summer, enjoying putting up tiles and painting. She also spends her time off with yoga and Zumba.

Recommended by Satoshi Ida (San Francisco Store)

Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows
By: Amanda Collado
ISBN: 9784046015501
$15.99 (Kinokuniya Members: $14.49)
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"I recommend Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows. This photo book follows Sam the cat and his unique markings that give him a forever 'worried' look. I love cats and I myself have a cat named Eddy. If my cat had such worried look like Sam, I think I will never get bored staring at him. Unique markings of dogs, cats and other animals can give so much joy and least to us humans." - Satoshi Ida

Satoshi Ida became part of our Kinokuniya team back in '92 at our Seattle store. He is currently the deputy store manager for our San Francisco store. Find him when you need help with cute animal photo books! Satoshi enjoys traveling, driving, and cooking. He is now a Pokémon GO player (level confidential).

Recommended by Christine Joy (Chicago Store)

Pokémon Origami: Fold Your Own Pokémon
By: Pikachu Press
ISBN: 9781604381832
$12.99 (Kinokuniya Members: $11.69)
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"The popularity of Pokémon has drastically increased due to the addicting mobile game, Pokémon GO. If you like Pokémon, origami, and a challenge, this is the book for you! My recommendation is the Pokémon Origami: Fold Your Own Pokémon. There are 10 Pokémon that you can make. If you happen to be in the Chicagoland area, we have an origami workshop held every fourth Sunday. Please join us!" - Christine Joy

Christine Joy is part of our Chicago team and has been with us for about a year. Christine works in the how-to book section. Look for her when you need assistance with practical guides! She also assists the team for the Chicago store's monthly origami workshop. In her spare time, she likes to cook and read manga. She is on Level 16 on Pokémon GO!