#6 Michael La Rocco

Photographer and Filmmaker- http://www.mlarocco.com/

Michael La Rocco is a multi-media artist, photographer and filmmaker.
His work as a photographer and installation artist examines the intersection between photo-realism and pop art.
Borrowing from photo-realism and the language of advertising,
La Rocco’s work emphasizes the ironic crossroads between subject and technique.

ABOUT "Tokyo: Fact or Fiction" - "By deploying a pop art technique to my photographs
I wanted to blur the line where fact and fiction meet.
By freeing the image from its origin, I’m able to amplify its dramatic impact,
in turn asking the viewer to explore further the layers and details behind the image.
At the same time, this series is a documentary, cataloging a people
whom are at once isolated, audacious, confidant, and yearning.
The coloring scheme deployed introduces new thematic threads while
allowing the subjects a more conventional route out of that framing.
Thus Tokyo fabricates its own narrative, with the viewer as a collaborator,
refracting the fixed vision of photorealism through the lens of the mind."